• Family planning leads tohealtheducationincome

    Through innovation, capacity building and empowerment, we can achieve the FP2020 goal of providing 120 million women with access to contraceptives.

  • UHI logo The Urban Health Initiative (UHI) is part of a five-year, four-country initiative supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in India, Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal. UHI India is a consortium of international, national, nongovernmental and community-based organizations working together to improve the health of the urban poor, especially in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

    UHI India works in partnership with public and private institutions toward an overall goal of reaching those in need of family planning services. The initiative helps expand choice of family planning methods, providers and service sites — all at affordable prices. For more information on the project objectives and strategies, please visit www.uhi-india.org.

Innovate to create demand

When people are aware of their family planning options, they are empowered to make the best decisions for themselves and for the futures of their families. Engaging and culturally relevant activities help inform people about the benefits of family planning and create demand for contraceptives.

Henna video

Women counseling peers

Through henna and familiar games, women who have benefited from family planning services share their knowledge and experience with other women in their communities.

Male involvement video

Engaging men

Men gather in large groups in the morning in search of day labor. Broadcasting a public service announcement in this public space opens dialogue around family planning. Entertaining games further encourage men to participate and ask questions.

Build capacity to deliver services

Cost and distances of healthcare services are huge barriers to access. Building the capacity of the government and the private sector to provide quality family planning services for free or affordable costs on fixed days and at service sites close to the slums helps to increase access.

Quality and expanded service delivery video

Quality and Expanded Service Delivery

The Urban Health Posts bring free, convenient and holistic healthcare into the slums. Dr. Ritika Gupta works as a medical officer at the Urban Health Post in the Radheshyam colony, Mathura.

Empower for lasting impact

Empowering communities to design and implement family planning initiatives helps increase acceptance of contraceptives, link communities to services and support sustained use. UHI has engaged communities from the start. Using tools and resources provided by UHI, communities have helped shape initiatives and made them their own.

Women's Federation video

Partnering with communities

The Parivartan Urban Development Committee has built upon the resources provided by UHI for even greater impact. Through their grassroots efforts, the committee has brought about positive change on a variety of local issues, ranging from sewage to loans to family planning services.

USHA video

Urban Social Health Activist (USHA)

The USHA work within their own communities to counsel their neighbors on family planning options. House visits allow for an open and direct dialogue. Suman is an USHA in her community in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

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