WASH songsSongs performed by local WASH club and committee members
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    Boosting opportunity for girls and boys through WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) in schools
    Cycle of opportunity
  • SPLASH logo SPLASH is a five-year project started in 2011 funded by USAID Zambia to reach more than 240,300 primary school pupils in three districts of the Eastern Province (Chipata, Lundazi and Mambwe). SPLASH aims to improve pupils’ health, learning and performance by increasing their access to safe water and adequate sanitation and improving their hygiene and health practices at school and at home.

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Clean water, adequate sanitation and proper hygiene require appropriate facilities and an awareness of good practices. Through the SPLASH partnership, CARE International supports the construction of bore holes and sanitation facilities, while FHI 360 supports teacher training and curriculum development. Local ministries, nongovernmental organizations and communities take it from there.

Constructing facilities video

Constructing facilities

Theresa J.V. Ngoma, District Education Board Secretary, Mambwe

Involving communities video

Involving communities

Patricia Mitti Mazonga, Head Teacher, Mambwe

Developing curricula video

Developing curricula

Margaret Mapata Phiri, District Resource Center Coordinator, Chipata

Playful participation for lifelong habits

A solid infrastructure provides a foundation for lifelong healthy habits to take root. Schools form WASH clubs for students and WASH committees for parents and community members. The clubs and committees engage other students and community members through skits, songs, dances, poems and prayer.

Leading WASH activities video

Leading WASH activities

Manda Esaya E., Teacher, School WASH Coordinator, Lundazi

Being a member of WASH club video

Being a member of WASH club

Jennifer Jere, WASH Club member, Mambwe

Equitable experiences for girls

Good menstrual hygiene management is critical to keeping girls in school all month long. Equipped with new washrooms for girls, the schools have also taken steps to prevent teasing and ensure a comfortable environment for menstruating students.

Managing menstrual hygiene video

Managing menstrual hygiene

Solomon Mwanza, Head Teacher, Lundazi

From the classroom to the community

Small doable actions video

Small doable actions

Small doable actions are simple steps that people can take to improve WASH.

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